JNS Gallery

JNS Gallery is an extension of the Jeweler of the North Shore.  Steve Hahn, co-owner and goldsmith of the Jeweler of the North Shore is inspired through his father who was an art instructor in Moorhead, MN and obtained his master’s degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth.  Our mission is to promote and support new and existing artists in the area, as well as bring in unique art of the Midwest not shown in other galleries along the shore.  Some of our artists include mediums of water color, oil, and acrylic painting, pottery, rock art, and fountains. Steve’s wife has a strong Irish heritage, wherein Irish sweaters are also displayed as well as casual wear/ performance clothing and a leather purse/backpack line which supports women’s needs in our country as well as abroad.

We are currently open Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 - 2:00 (closed Sunday). If these hours don’t work for you, please call 218-370-9648 for a private appointment (we are usually minutes away!).

We do value family time - therefore we are closed on the following holidays: New Years Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

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Current Artists on Display

(In alphabetical order by first name…)

Wallets and Knife.jpg

Brenton Berdahl

and Tom Dye

Brenton Berdahl and Tom Dye formed a friendship over a shared love for the outdoors in 2012. They use leather as their medium to create heirloom quality pieces, each unique in their own way. Brenton is a leather maker from Fargo, North Dakota. He carries on this artistry trade from his great grandfather. Tom is a leather craftsman from Fargo, ND. Tom puts tool to leather to create one of a kind pieces inspired by the outdoors. Everything is of high-quality leather, hand cut. hand stitched and stamped.


Ellen Stubbs

Ellen Stubbs has enjoyed exploring photography since getting her first 35mm camera at age 18. "I find photography helps me see things I otherwise would miss." Nature and landscapes are special loves, but her tastes are eclectic and sometimes quirky. Cook County has been a favorite haunt since 1973, and she spends much of her time in Lutsen with her spouse, Karen.


Jillian Kratt

Jillian Kratt grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and moved to Lutsen in the fall of 2015. She has always loved the changing of seasons and is inspired by the outdoors.

Jillian uses acrylic paint and among other mediums to create these abstract pieces. She has an innate ability to select correct color pairings and predict the outcome of her pours.

Her goal is to continue selling her art while maintaining her full-time career at Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. Enjoy!


Karen Bakke

Life is good... Art is Karen’s obsession and livelihood, working as a professional artist since 1976. She resides in Fargo, ND.

After 19 years in graphic arts, In 1995 Karen shifted to exclusively fine art, focusing on large murals and commissioned canvas paintings plein air and in the studio.

Since that time Karen has finished hundreds of art pieces for commercial and residential locations to include: cathedrals, hospitals, living centers, schools, museums, restaurants, sport facilities and government buildings as well as private homes. Karen works with interior designers or directly with the client.

Approximately 90% of Karen’s work is commissioned. Working in a variety of mediums and various subject matter allows flexibility to accommodate client requests and incorporate her personal creative twist.

pottery display.jpg

Kari Carter

Kari Carter is a Cook County potter, primarily creating functional pieces on the potter’s wheel using stoneware clay. From her first ceramics classes at the Grand Marais Art Colony, Kari was driven by the positive, fulfilling, and balancing effects that working with clay yielded in her. Through subsequent classes taken from local and regional ceramicists she learned to share that sense of rootedness in her art. She draws inspiration from the forests of the North Shore which are conveyed in the varied earth tones of her glazes. With rich surface textures she captures the coarse beauty of the regional landscape. As an emerging artist, Kari strives to deepen her knowledge & technique through cherished mentorships, and devotes innumerable hours in the clay studio cultivating her artistry. Kari is eager to continue what she appreciates most about being a potter; identifying with others through her work.


Kathleen Reeves

Lutsen resident Potter.

KFOX 002 - Bay City Park at Madeline Island  - Oil - 201812071152.JPG

Kathy Fox Weinberg

Kathy considers herself an Act 2 artist! Two years before she retired she picked up a paint brush! Her story even amazes herself! While on an assignment in the vineyard country of California, Kathy made a wrong turn and found herself in the parking lot of an art supply store in Napa Valley. Wandering in, she emerged to continue her journey with a couple of canvases, some acrylics and a few brushes. The "vineyard paintings" now grace her kitchen! And so it began...a journey from which there is no turning back and only a desire to continue. Kathy primarily works alla prima with oils and pastels. Kathy is a certified instructor offering all inclusive workshops. Her students are amazed that in an afternoon they can accomplish a painting they are proud to frame and display or give as a gift. Kathy lives in Lutsen, MN.


Mary Nees

Mary Barton Nees has been coming up to their family cabin on the North Shore since before she even had vocabulary to describe the wonders here. Superior holds the largest fresh water volume on the planet, and the woods are dark, cool and deep. Landscape mood changes 50 times a day. There is rarely a trip here to Lutsen when Mary’s brushes don’t get wet in attempts to articulate the vast beauties. The calming horizon met by wild branches is a tonic. The floppy pine and spruce angles express their individuality even as each is bounded by gravity, rooted in moist soil laid down through the slow legacy of generations.


MaryAnn Brower

Crafter of Saami Tenntrads Broderier

The Saami bracelet is a native craft called Tenntrads Broderier which translates as “Tin Thread Embroidery”. The Saami (aka Laplanders) are the indigenous, normadic tribes residing above the Arctic Circle in Northern Scandanavia and NW Russia. The Saami people are reindeer herders following the herds as they migrate across Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Russia.

The Saami-inspired bracelets crafted by MaryAnn are made using traditional methods and materials sourced from Sweden including reindeer leather, antler buttons and tenntrads. Some designs use lamb leather, beads and copper threads.

PF-002 Cascade Pines.jpg

Pamela Fioritto

Pam is mainly an oil painter but also dabbles in watercolor and ink. She is drawn to the beauty of the North Shore, a place she fell in love with many years ago, and loves to paint landscapes full of light and shadow. Pam is always on the lookout for cozy cabins and places people would love to explore.

Pam has a degree in art education and has been teaching art to children in grades K - 8 in Stillwater for many years. She is a member of the Stillwater Art Guild Gallery and has shown her work in numerous venues in the area.

Underwater rocks.jpg

Roxanne Distad

“My passion for photography has spanned over 40 years. I want my pictures to transport you into the very moment I captured the image so you may experience the beauty, magic, and mystery that embraces Lake Superior and the North Shore Experience.


Scott Estrem

All of the rock art tiki’s, vases, wine racks, and water features are designed and constructed by Scott Estrem. Scott, his wife Jennifer and their two boys are long time residents of Tonka Bay, Minnesota. With a passion for the arts and a creative mind, Scott first started creating stone water features as a means of adding unique artwork to their own landscape over 12 years ago. As friends and acquaintances requested fountains to be commissioned for them, the idea of Tonka Bay Fountains turned into a reality. The composition process, mixed with the sculpting of stone to create a piece of artwork from what was a collection of rocks and boulders, is truly a rewarding experience that fuels Scott’s passion. Each fountain he completes inspires him to start the next.


Steve Byers

Steve Byers grew up in Grand Rapids, MN. He served in the Navy to help with his college education. He began college in Colorado and returned to MN to continue his education at the University of MN Duluth, majoring in Art Education. Steve fell in love with the North Shore of Lake Superior and made this area his home in 1986. Steve started expressing his artistic talent by capturing the northern lights in his paintings. Some of his original paintings have founds homes around the world in Japan, Germany and Great Britain. Steve is currently semi-retired and spends his time in the studio and his gardens.


Travis Wickwire

Travis is a 37-year-old carpenter originally from Sundance, Wyoming. Travis moved to Lutsen in 2005 after service in the United States Marine Corp.


Trish Hunter

Although born, raised and educated in Kansas, Trish developed a love for Minnesota and its lakes at an early age when her family came north each year to fish on lake Lida near Pelican Rapids, Her love for the North Shore came while teaching and living in Bloomington, Minnesota during the 70’s. It was there she enrolled in her first watercolor class that would kickstart a life-long passion for transparent watercolor. She will forever be indebted to and inspired by her first instructor Kay Sharkey, an accomplished watercolorist and incredible teacher, who showed her the beauty and joy of this medium.

She is happy to now be retired, painting, and a proud member of the Grand Marais Art Colony.

She and her husband Jay have their main residence in Wichita, Kansas. However, now in retirement, they spend six to seven months at their cabin overlooking Caribou Lake.

VM 0519.jpg

Vanessa Martinson

Vanessa is best known for her creative ideas brought to life through art. She works with multiple mediums and finds that art can be created on many different surfaces. You can find her artwork in offices, on motorcycles, church hallways, and in homes and businesses around Minnesota. She enjoys helping her clients reach goals through design and art.

Vanessa was born and raised in the rural town of Cokato, Minnesota. She currently resides in New Germany, MN.

Other Retail Items



Anabaglish was born in the Pacific Northwest and inspired by travels afar. Ruggedly beautiful handbags “perfectly imperfect”. They are handmade by artisans in India using traditional techniques. Just as every person is different, no two Anabaglish bags are exactly the same.

Anabaglish bags are made of real leather, cotton, or wool, and hand-dyed in colors inspired by nature. Every part of every bag is thoughtfully touched by the human hand – not mass-produced.

Five percent of all profits are donated to programs supporting vulnerable populations.

Anabaglish was the name of founder Mia's ancestors' farm in Southern Scotland, and the name of her grandparents' family in Southern Oregon. The name now lives on in our handbag company.

“Be Always Kind and True”



A NorSari is a wool outerwear wrap designed to be a simple, yet beautiful way to stay warm. It wraps on over your clothes and stays attached with an adjustable velcro closure. It also functions simply as a versatile blanket or throw. Wear it around the house, on walks, at the office and in the car. You will be amazed by how much warmer you feel.

It's the original Nordic Sari.

NorSaris were created in Northfield, Minnesota. The majority of them are still handmade by talented local seamstresses.

Purnell display.jpg

Purnell - Work Wear

Our Maker Story

If we’re being honest, we developed the Purnell line for very selfish reasons. We needed it, it didn’t exist, and so we created it. We wanted solve the needs of “makers” — people like us who work with their hands and think on their feet. Modern work has one foot in the field and the other in the city, and our clothes are made for both. Purnell eliminates the need to step into a telephone booth to change identities like some Clarks Kents we know (yup, we just burned Superman). We may look clean cut, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to get down and dirty.

Purnell is made for those who live and work with passion. It's for the movers, the makers, the innovators. You need clothes that keep up and still look sharp. Our apparel flows effortlessly with you from the place you get your hands dirty to the place you ink the deals or drink the beer -- whatever your preference, we’re flexible.


West End Knitwear

The village of Monasterevin in the county of Kildare, Ireland is the home of West End Knitwear Ltd. The company was originally established by Molly Cullen in 1957, after creating beautiful Aran designs with her mother and grandmother for many years. Molly’s dream was to incorporate a family knitting business whose heritage stretched back for over 100 years. Molly is the granddaughter of Kate O’Shea, who, in 1856, was the first craftswoman in Ireland to commercially market her robust, hand knitted woollens. Molly Cullen recognised a market for fashionable Aran style knitwear and established West End Knitwear Ltd in her home village of Monasterevin.

Proud to keep the tradition alive, West End Knitwear Ltd was continued by Molly’s sons Paul and John Cullen who saw the opportunity to incorporate the best traditional aspects of their mother’s Aran sweaters into modern and fashionable styles. These new styles we would come to recognize as the benchmark for modern Aran cable knit sweaters. Today it is the biggest knitwear manufacturer in Ireland, with a vibrant workforce under Molly’s grandsons Niall and Barry Cullen. As the designers and producers of the finest quality Irish Aran Knitwear, our extensive range uses the traditional Irish Aran Stitches throughout our garments which are believed to bring luck, success and health to the wearer, ensuring we keep our long-treasured history of traditional Irish craft.

Both our Aran Crafts and Nua collections are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest quality materials: merino wool, pure new wool, linen/cotton, cashmere and introducing new super-soft merino wool.